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Our Treatments

An inspiring list of transformative, potentially life changing and empowering holistic treatments to enable you to facilitate the healing changes you need to achieve during your stay. The holistic approach means that each person is treated as a unique individual, so a schedule of specific treatments is carefully considered in consultation between you and one of the therapists shortly after arrival.

Atlantic Seaweed Soak

With our increased dietary and cosmetic awareness in the use of natural products, people of all ages are discovering afresh the beneficial properties of seaweed. Seaweed Baths have an honoured place in Ireland's therapeutic history, traditionally recommended for allieviating dry skin, relieving aches and pains and aiding body detoxification. High in Sulphur and Iodine, Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin E and is rich in natural oils.

Carraig Fhada Seaweed


Moor Spa Bath

The Moor Hydrating herbal bath is one of nature's truly luxurious treats. The mud consists of hundreds of Herbs, Plants, Minerals and Organic Substances, to soothe and calm, rebalance and stimulate circulation.


Heart and Soul Therapy

This treatment aligns the mind with the body and soul, during the slow and gentle massaging of the hands and feet, feelings and sensations are heightened which then stimulates the energy flow around the body. These massages are centered around powerful acupressure points, which help to release mental and emotional blockages. Using the chakra stones this treatment is capable of influencing chakra energy and brings it into balance and harmony.


Indian Head Massage

The great de-stresser! A massage of the shoulders, neck and scalp. It can relieve stress and tension in these areas and often relax the whole body. It can help improve general well-being, boost the immune system, improve sleep patterns and relieve headaches.


Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is a deeply relaxing energy healing, channelling Universal Life Force directly into your energetic centres offering opportunity for powerful and natural healing to take place. Quantum Healing will bring peace, harmony and equilibrium within the body and mind, used along with other healing modalities to enhance their effects and amplify healing responses



Reiki is a Japanese name meaning Universal Life Force. Reiki brings harmony and peace, balances your emotions and accelerates healing for the mind, body and soul.



Reflexology (foot massage) improves nerve and blood supply and helps to restore and homeostasis (equilibrium). Only the hands are used by the therapist to give the treatment making it a safe, simple and effective method. The treatment is helpful in a wide range of complaints such as - migraine, back pain, kidney disorders, menstrual problems and heart and circulatory conditions.


Shamanic Therapy

Shamanic Healers are conductors of healing energy or energy from the spiritual realm. Calling upon spiritual "helpers" such as power animals, angels, inner teachers, the client's higher self or other spiritual forces. Shamanic Healing is used as treatment for a range of emotional and physical illnesses.


Sound Vibration Healing

Tuning forks of different sound frequency are used to balance the chakras and the biofield of the body and can shift static energy. Generally people report a feeling of deep calm, improved circulation circulation, greater wellbeing, leaa aches, being more balanced and energised.


Therapeutic Massage - FTS

Free The Stress Therapeutic Massage is an excellent tension releaser, through firm and even strokes over the whole body - all those areas of tension and stress are eased. This treatment leaves you relaxed and feeling calm. All the major muscles are addressed, focussing and relieving specific points of tension. Full body massage.


Thermoauricular Therapy

The treatment combines the use of Hopi Ear Candles which are lit and gently placed in the ears, starting with the left ear then the right, this is followed with a sinus massage on the face, finishing with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. A gentle natural treatment for problems related to the ears and head.


Thai Herbal Soak

Relax and cleanse your body in one step with this traditional Thai bath concept. Natural ingredients give soft and moisturised skin whilst stimulating blood circulation and promoting relaxation.



We are fortunate to have a very talented team of holistic therapists at the retreat, all the therapists at some point in time have had or still have their own practices consequently we think you will enjoy the exceptional quality of the treatments that you will receive from them.

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What an incredible place! Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and spirit. Food amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jenna - London

An oasis rediscovered! A wonderful caring, nurturing environment, full of caring, nurturing people. I found the peace and rest I was seeking.

Liz - Romsey

Coming to Middle Piccadilly is one of the nicest things in life to do. Every kindness was extended and the food a complete treat.

Catherine - London


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The Middle Piccadilly Story

Middle Piccadilly was established in 1986 by founders Eliana and Gerry Harvey and started life as an innovative healing centre with emphasis on the holistic approach. Currently run by eldest son – Dominic and his wife Lisa - the centre offers over 30 years of Natural Health Expertise and is the foremost Rural Retreat in the country.

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